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Rigorously Strength-Tested Security Screen for Home & Business Exterior Entry Points 

How can you know our CrimSafe© strength-tested security screen products are as impenetrable as we advertise? All our products undergo the most rigorous, state-of-the-art testing, and we cut no corners when it comes to strength and beauty. Here are industry-defined strength tests and how we stack up to them.

Rigorously Strength-Tested Security Screen for Home & Business Exterior Entry Points from Bellingham to Olympia & Bellevue to Wenatchee

Dynamic Impact Test

Designed to measure how well a door can withstand the force of a kick, we know typical security screen doors with metal bars and grilles tend to bend and give way to repeated kicks. To pass this test, the screen must withstand at least five high-intensity kicks in succession. Our screens can withstand that and more, and most others can’t.
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Our door, window and patio security screens undergo the most rigorous industry-standard testing, and we go back to the drawing board if our products perform unsatisfactorily in even one of the tests. And for those especially important areas to protect, our Ultimate© line is even 40% stronger than our incredibly strong standard product line. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and screening out 62% of harmful UV rays, give Security Lynx a call if you’re ready to give your home or business added protection.

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Knife Shear Test

The knife shear test measures whether an intruder with a knife is able to bypass door or window security screen using a tough knife. Can the knife be thrust through the screen mesh? Our door, window and patio security screens are made with our patented Tensile Tuff® technology, proven to hold up against efforts to penetrate it, even using a stainless-steel knife.

Cat3 Missile Test

Our CrimSafe© strength-tested security screen technology doesn’t just keep human intruders out; we also ensure nature’s most intense fury is kept at bay. The Cat3 Missile Test simulates the conditions of a category 3 hurricane, complete with flying debris. Our security door and window screens have been proven to remain securely in their frames with no screen penetration after exposure to aggressive winds and flying wood, metal, glass and other debris.

Salt Spray Test

Measuring how well our materials hold up against prolonged exposure to salt and other corrosive chemicals, this test is especially important in regions prone to wild temperature fluctuations and humidity. Unlike most of our competitors’ products, nature is no match for our Tensile Tuff® technology over time.

Fire Attenuation Test

The fire attenuation test doesn’t just measure a material’s fire resistance. It also measures how well the screen prevents heat from passing through to the door or window on the other side of it. CrimSafe© security screen technology actually helps shield windows and doors from external fire, and helps keep internal fire inside instead of easily wicking out and up the side of the building.