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A Wide Variety of Security Screen Colors for Home & Business in Western Washington

Door, window and outdoor space security screens don’t have to make your home or business resemble a penitentiary. Our strength-tested security screens are every bit as stylish as a typical designer door or window – just much stronger. Standard color options are white, tan and bronze. Fully customizable colors are available upon request at additional costs. We can beautifully match the color scheme and style of any property.

Home & business entry security doesn’t have to look cold and uninviting. We offer a wide variety of security screen colors to match any structure’s color scheme.

Custom Security Screen Colors

Our standard color options are white, tan and bronze. But if you prefer a more vibrant or unique hue, our custom color options include anything found in the rainbow. Custom colors are available for all products with an increase in cost to cover the powder coating process.
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Custom Size-Matching

Our security screen door and window screens are constructed of heavy-duty stainless-steel mesh that offers a clear and unhindered view with nearly impenetrable strength. We can custom-fit our screens to the exact specifications of your door and windows, including irregular shapes and extra wide or narrow dimensions.

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The combination of security screen doors, patio security enclosures and window security screens provides maximum protection against home invaders.

Unique Safety Escape Feature

For Bedrooms and windows where egress is needed, Crimsafe has a keyless emergency exit system that secures your windows against intruders, but still allows you to get out quickly and easily if you need to. The one touch release system ensures fast escape, without compromising the exceptional strong security these windows provide.

Don’t Sacrifice Curb Appeal for Security

You don’t have to choose between security and beautiful design. With a security screen system from Security Lynx, you get both! Call today to fortify your home while keeping up with the latest home design trends.