Strongest Home & Business Security Screen Doors in Western Washington

Enhance home & business protection and peace of mind with the strongest security screen doors on the market. Exclusive Washington CrimSafe© dealer. Defend your den!The door is the main entry point exploited by intruders. For maximum home and business security, CrimSafe© security screen doors are the undisputed strongest on the market, and Security Lynx is western Washington’s exclusive CrimSafe© dealer. Stronger than the exterior door on almost any home, our Tensile-Tuff® mesh technology adds an almost impenetrable barrier between you and someone with bad intentions.

Advantages of Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors don’t just keep intruders out. They also protect against intrusion by other unwanted elements such as insects, UV rays (62% blocked), and lack of fresh air. Security screens enable high airflow and light passage when it’s warm enough to keep doors open. Helping maintain ideal temperature equilibrium while keeping energy usage to a minimum, screens also block flies, spiders and two-legged intruders. Our security screens are actually stronger than almost any residential exterior door they protect, so you can get maximum home and business security without unsightly bars or grilles that aren’t as resistant to entry as our products anyway. And our Ultimate© product line is even 40% stronger than our incredibly strong standard line.

Security Screen Door Styles

  • Hinged doors – Made to protect conventional hinged front, rear and side doors, our tough screen doors are stronger than the door they protect.
  • Sliding Doors – Perfect for patios and entryways with wide openings, our sliding screen doors are made from premium marine-grade stainless security steel with a three-point locking mechanism.
  • French Doors – Ideal for double doors and can be easily opened from either side, these security doors provide high durability and clear visibility.
  • Bi-fold and stacking doors – Designed for oversized entryways leading to an outdoor living area, we provide both stacking and passage door options. Combine these screen doors with our super-strong security enclosures for maximum outdoor area safety.

Don’t Compromise on Safety

The doFor maximum home and business security, CrimSafe© security screen doors are the undisputed strongest on the market.Don’t make it easy for intruders to gain entry to your home or business. Contact Security Lynx today to learn how fortifying your doors, windows and outdoor spaces can provide optimal safety. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, security has never been so beautiful.

Achieve Maximum Security in With Our Customized Security Screen Doors

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