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Security Lynx Everett security screensInstalling security barriers over your home’s windows can be a major improvement in your overall safety. While window bars have been the option of choice for years, security screens have so many more benefits and offer just as much protection, if not more. Knowing how they can improve your peace of mind without sacrificing the window’s function is a great way to help you make up your mind.   


Window bars tend to stand out and reduce the curb appeal of your home. They can evoke an image of jail, which is not something anyone wants when they are just trying to ensure the safety of their family and home. Security screens have a low-profile look and won’t give off such a cold impression. 


While window bars might seem like an effective burglar deterrent, they might be easier to get around than you think. Bars have large gaps which leave portions of the window unprotected and open for tampering. A screen offers complete coverage and doesn’t allow any free spaces for someone to get an arm or other mechanism into the house. 

Window Usage

Bars over your windows can block natural light and take up a lot of real estate in the window opening. Not to mention, they sometimes can’t open from the inside, making them a safety hazard for evacuations. Security screens have no large obstructions, which makes them mostly transparent, and many can be unlatched from the inside for easy escape in an emergency.

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