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Enhance home & business protection and peace of mind with the strongest security screen doors on the market. Exclusive Washington CrimSafe© dealer. Defend your den!It only takes a couple of seconds to lock your doors, yet it’s surprising how many homeowners neglect to do it in this increasingly risky world. In these times, you should always secure your doors to keep out people with bad intentions.

A Surprising Statistic

A New York Times report revealed that less than half of all American homeowners regularly lock their doors, and those that don’t find it strange that anyone would feel unsafe not locking up. Unfortunately, western Washington break-ins are on the rise, and about one-third of intruders enter homes via unlocked doors.

When to Secure Your Doors

Does this mean you should keep your door locked 24/7? Not necessarily. You should certainly lock your home’s doors and windows when leaving and nobody else is there. And locking doors if you’re alone and engaged in an absorbing activity such as cooking in the kitchen or tending to the patio garden. Otherwise an intruder could let himself right in and you may well not know it until he’s in contact with you.

That said, it does make sense, for example, to keep the door open for ventilation during hot summer days. But when you do, it’s ideal to have a locked screen door in place. The good news there is that there are security screen doors that are even stronger than the front door behind them!

Incredibly Strong Security Screen Doors & Windows

Security Lynx is the exclusive western Washington dealer of CrimSafe© security door, window and patio enclosure screens that are aggressively tested and nearly impenetrable. If you need more entry security, call Security Lynx to learn more about the surprising strength, beauty, styles and colors of CrimSafe© products. But remember that even the toughest security doors are useless if you fail to lock and secure your doors.

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