How to Maintain Security Screens in Olympia

Security Lynx Olympia security screensAdding security screens to windows and doors in your home is a fantastic way to increase security as well as style. However, screens need to be maintained just like any other feature of your house. Keep them looking while they protect your home for many more years to come with these tips.

Lubricate Locks and Hinges

Screens are exposed to the elements and will need to be properly taken care of to make sure they stay strong and secure. Keep locks and hinges lubricated and moving freely. Use a silicone lubricant every three months to ensure that rust and deterioration don’t build up and damage them. 

Trim Vegetation

If you have bushes or shrubs in front of your window screens, trim them back and keep them pruned. Vegetation can damage screens and scratch them up if left unattended for too long. Overgrown bushes and shrubs also provide a perfect hiding place for intruders who want to get into your home. 

Clean Screens

Cleaning your security screens is one of the best ways to keep them looking nice while protecting your home. Avoid pressure washing your patio screens because this can weaken the tension on the strength-tested mesh and make them less secure. Instead, take screens off their hinges, and wash them gently with soap and water. Then, dry them thoroughly before putting them back on. 

Find Effective Security Screens in Olympia

Do you want to improve your home’s defenses? With Security Lynx, you can get strong, reliable window, door and patio screens to match your home’s exterior. Our residential and business customers enjoy professional installation and service, and we even offer advanced CrimSafe Ultimate services for maximum protection. When you need security screens for your home or business, contact us for all of your protection needs. 

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